About Us

Ben and Di

Integrated Person Centred Assistive Technology Solutions

What is @ home safe?

@ home safe is an Assistive Technology system. It is unique because it is a truly integrated system which is
intelligent and responsive using tried and tested, state of the art components. @ home safe offers Assistive
Technology functions that are installed entirely around individual needs. All of the system’s functions
are coordinated from a single controller. It is designed to be responsive to changing or increasing needs
all programmed within the same controller. It also takes away the need for single cumbersome, single
purpose gadgets with limited functionality.

For more information about how our system works, click here to watch Ben & Di’s story.


Who Are We?

Bendigo is a unique blend of its founders’ professional experience in Smart Home Technology, Health & Social Care and personal experience as family carers for family members with dementia.

For more information about our Co-Founders Nick Gale and John Osborne, click here.

Watch Co-Founder and Director Nick Gale share his experience of building the system for his father


Our Aims

Smart Home Technology has traditionally been a reserve of the homes of the rich and famous. As a team we have come to realise that we can take major steps forward in the way assistive technology can be applied to improve quality of life, independence and choice for ordinary people in everyday homes.

We aim to:

  1. Enable people to remain living in their own home for longer
  2. Deliver the next generation of Assistive Technology that is innovative and integrated
  3. Offer a viable, cost effective and practical solution to everyday challenges
  4. Offer a viable and realistic alternative to residential care
  5. Provide individuals and family Carers with peace of mind
  6. Be person centred. You decide what you need and when!



Bendigo Systems Ltd
Unit 7a Wilford Industrial Estate, Nottingham, NG11 7EP
Company Registration Number: 09883683