Financial Case

infographic - money sectionWith our population aging, people living longer and the rise in disability, it goes without saying that the demand for care and support is on the rise. We cannot avoid the rising cost of care today and the financial burden that is shifting from local authorities to individuals. Remaining in your own home is fast becoming not only a desirable personal choice but a cost effective alternative to residential care.

Government austerity has led to the number of people receiving care from their local authority falling year–on–year as the criteria for eligibility has become increasingly stringent. The new Care Act may increase the number of people local authorities are required to support but couple that with declining budgets, means price and cost savings are key.

Assistive Technology unfortunately, is often viewed as an unaffordable luxury despite its benefits. Bendigo is here to illustrate the cost effective, affordable nature of Assistive Technology compared to residential care.

Case Study

Hubert has been using the Bendigo system for 18 months. Without this he would have had no choice but to go into residential care which he did not want or need. Hubert uses the following functions at present:

  1. Motion sensors in all rooms of his one-bedroom flat
  2. Contact sensors on microwave and front door
  3. Voice announcements at front door, appointments and events
  4. TV and music automation
  5. Pressure sensors in arm chair and bed
  6. Lighting automation for bedroom, bathroom and hallway
  7. Push notifications to Nick family Carer
  8. Push notifications to ‘Service Tree’ Home care provider when family are on holiday
  9. Family access to remote programming app and to support when needs change

Total Cost of Service from Assessment to Installation = £4000 Annual Service Fee = £195
Dementia Specialist Residential Care Cost = £46,800 per year

Bendigo Systems Ltd. payments can be spread over 12 months, subject to credit approval from a restricted range of finance providers. For example, a £4000 purchase split over 12 month payments interest free would cost £334 per month. Terms and conditions apply.


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