Why Use Bendigo?

Bendigo is different from all other Assistive Technology providers because it is a truly integrated system. This means that our system delivers on all three domains that are key to the assistive technology charter

  • Safety and security
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Quality of life

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One of our most important British values is CHOICE. The choices in health and social care Assistive Technology have struggled to grow in sync with other technological advancements.

The reality is that the UK has a rapidly aging population. Older people today and in the future face very different retirement prospects. People with dementia are in residential care despite their condition and behaviour being manageable at home. In fact, 85% of people with dementia would prefer to live at home. Society and economy are unprepared and innovation is lagging behind. We must look to technology to compliment care provision and offer flexibility and choice.

Whilst the need for residential health and social care is  recognised, there must be flexibility in determining when people are physically and emotionally ready to
take it up. Bendigo is there so that if people do decide they want to remain at home, they have the confidence that they are making the right decision.


Quality of Life

infographic - benefits of being at homeResearch shows that quality of life, health and well-being improves when living at home. A major barrier to viewing remaining at home as a viable option and enjoying the benefits, is the poor quality of Assistive Technology currently available. BENDIGO offers a realistic and cost-effective alternative to institutional care.

Quality of life is an area generally overlooked in Assistive Technology offerings but at BENDIGO our integrated system is intelligent and responsive. Individuals and Carers are able to schedule monitoring, voice prompts, TV programs, music playback based on person centred needs. Carers can choose notifications and reports to receive and have access to a remote app to view or manage programmes and have peace of mind. Any schedules and parameters set are flexible and easy to change remotely to meet changing needs.


Person Centred

infographic - one size fits allOne of the things that Bendigo is convinced of is the fact that people with dementia and their Carers have a right to choice and control. This means our starting point is ALWAYS assessment of needs and desired outcomes. We care about offering Assistive Technology that is tailored to how you wish to live. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Bendigo.

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